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  • Body Contouring

    A New Treatment for Local Adiposity with Ascorbic Acid and Ascorbyl-Palmitate Solution: Clinical and Histological Study by Antonio Scarano, Andrea Sbarbati, Roberto Amore, Eugenio Luigi Iorio, Giuseppe Ferraro and Domenico Amuso.
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    09-2018 / Probiotics modify body weight together with anxiety states via pro-inflammatory factors in HFD-treated Syrian golden hamster . Authors: Ennio Avolio, Gilda Fazzari, Merylin Zizza, Antonino De Lorenzo, Laura Di Renzo, Raffaelle Alo', Rosa Maria Faccelo Canonaco.
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    12-2017 / Effects of new probiotic mouthwash in patients with diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular diseases. Authors: P. Bollero, L. Di Renzo, R. Franco, T. Rampello, A. Pujia, G. Merra, A. De Lorenzo, R.Docimo.
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    09-2017 / Evidences of a New Psychobiotic Formulation on Body Composition and Anxiety. Authors: Carmela Colica, Ennio Avolio, Patrizio Bollero, Renata Costa de Miranda, Simona Ferraro, Paola Sinibaldi Salimei, Antonino De Lorenzo and Laura Di Renzo.
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    06-2017 / Can psychobiotics intake modulate psychological profile and body composition of women affected by normal weight obese syndrome and obesity? A double blind randomized clinical trial. Authors: Antonino De Lorenzo, Micaela Costacurta, Giuseppe Merra, Paola Gualtieri, Giorgia Cioccoloni, Massimiliano Marchetti, Dimitrios Varvaras, Raffaella Docimo and Laura Di Renzo.
  • a pilot double-blind study

    07-2016 / Very-low-calorie ketogenic diet with aminoacid supplement versus very low restricted-calorie diet for preserving muscle mass during weight loss: a pilot double-blind study G.Merra, R.Miranda, S.Barrucco, P.Gualtieri, M.Mazza, E.Moriconi, M.Mmarchetti, T.F.M. Chang, A.Di Lorenzo, L. Di Renzo European Reviev for Medical and Pharmacological Sciences
  • Characterization of the constituents

    08-2015 / Profiling proteins in nutraceutical formulations: Characterization of the constituents A.Bellomaria, R.Nepravishta, M.Marchetti, M.Paci Food Chemistry 194 (2016) 733-739
  • The molecular weight characterization.

    07-2014 / Determination of the presence of hyaluronic acid in preparations containing amino acids:The molecular weight characterization. A.Bellomaria, R.Nepravishta, U.Mazzanti, M.Marchetti, P.Piccioli, M.Paci. European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 63 (2014) 199-203