Our product lines

Beauty can overpass the limits of age, but it is important that this is reached by using natural products and treatments that Combine effectiveness, durability and lack of side effects over time. This way any harmful and artificial results will be avoided. All this, together with the simplicity of performance and administration, the scientific method and the warranty mark of made in Italy, puts our products at the vanguard of the beauty treatments.

  • Skin Line

    Skin Line

    To correct wrinkles and counteract skin aging.

    Biostimulation of the Skin Line by Italfarmacia, based on fragments of hyaluronic acid and amino acids is a treatment that helps to keep skin looking young, by producing reticular collagen, improving firmness, elasticity and skin tone and counteracting the effects of the free radicals.

  • Filler Line

    Filler Line

    To remodel face contour and reduce wrinkles.

    Italfarmacia has realized a line of medical devices, some of which (Fillervit B, Fillervit C, Fillervit OX) are capable of inducing the real biostimulation just based on the principle of the activation of the CD44 of fibroblasts in order to provide the cell with the necessary principles to build up collagen, elastin, and glycosaminoglycans, by optimizing skin functions and slowing down the biological damage.

  • Diet Line

    Diet Line

    Aganist obesity, overweight and localized adiposity.

    The Diet Line products are food supplements and antioxidants designed to promote intestinal balance and the normal functioning of the metabolism, with specific solutions for the treatment of overweight and localized adiposity.

  • Cosmetic Line

    Cosmetic Line

    Cosmetic line dedicated to body and hair care.

    Cosmetic Line products are designed for body and hair care. Thanks to the addition of natural ingredients, they have soothing, stimulating, moisturizing, refreshing, healing properties, especially suitable after aesthetic treatments and surgical interventions.