Skin-R ®

Firming and modelling solutions of the dermal matrix.

Registered Trademark


Skin-R is a class III medical device with CE mark issued by the National Institute of Health and containing: hyaluronic acid and hyperosmolar solution of acidic pH.

Patented Product

How to use

For neck, décolleté and other hypotonic areas.


Aging skin: one session every 15 days for 4 times. Wait for two months, then repeat the cycle for 3 times. Visibly aged skin: one session every 7 days for 4/6 sessions.


Bio-restoration is performed through the activation of fibroblast subpopulation of fibrotic fibroblast in order to increase skin firmness with deposition of cicatrizing collagen (Type 1).
The Medical device used for this purpose contains: fragments of hyaluronic acid (20-30 monomers) capable of activating CD44 of fibroblasts / acid and hypertonic solution able to induce an irritating reaction and stimulate fibrotic

Principle of method

CD44 and CD40 of fibrotic fibroblasts are activated with fragments of hyaluronic acid and an acid and hypertonic solution. Amino acids allow the formation of fibrotic collagen (Type 1). Dermal fibrosis together with distension of skin tissue is thus obtained.