Skin Peel G

Peeling applicable on face and body to improve dyschromia with anti-aging effect.



Peeling applicable on face and body to improve dyschromia caused by UV rays and promote the renewal of epidermal layers, with anti-aging effect.

How to use

Apply the solution with a thin fan brush, divide facial surface into areas by starting from the front, right and left side and then chin and nose. Leave it a few minutes on the face until redness appears. Rinse with plenty of water and bicarbonate.


Glycolic acid, water, hydroxyethyl cellulose, Skin B, imidurea, EDTA.


Mild or moderate photoaging, active acne and cicatricial outcomes, pustular, papular acne, rosacea, epidermal hyperchromia, seborrheic and/or actinic keratosis, pseudofolliculitis.


Combined action of exfoliation and biostimulation in one single treatment.Hyaluronic acid fragments present in the formulation are able to stimulate the fibroblasts which produce reticular connective tissue of type III making skin elastic, hydrated and glowing.