Myrtipeg ®

Medical device based on macrogol 4000 with laxative action.

Registered Trademark


Myrtipeg is a medical device based on macrogol 4000. It acts with an osmotic mechanism, holding back water in the intestine and thus softening the stool. It is not absorbed, does not ferment and does not irritate the stomach lining. It is eliminated with the feces in unchanged form.


Myrtipeg is a class I medical device, indicated in case of constipation. Myrtipeg's formula contains Macrogol 4000, an excipient which, remembering the water in the stomach, stimulates peristalsis.

How to use

In the treatment with Amin 21 K and in protein diets it is recommended to take 1 or 2 sachets of Myrtipeg diluting the content in a glass of water, on alternate days.


The formula of Myrtipeg contains Macrogol 4000, an excipient that by recalling water in the stomach stimulates peristalsis.It is recommended to consult your doctor before taking Myrtipeg, in patients with heart disease.