How to fortify your immune system with Italfarmacia’s Biocult Strong and Immunostimulator®

How to fortify your immune system with Italfarmacia’s Biocult Strong and Immunostimulator®

Never as in this period, we hear about the immune system and how our body is able, through natural defense mechanisms, to react and defend itself from pathogens.

But what is the immune system? How does it work and, above all, how to keep it efficient?

The immune system is a complex and efficient defense network and is composed of different cells, each with specific functions, and circulating molecules that work together to recognize and eliminate pathogens such as bacteria, parasites, fungi and viruses.

Our immune defenses are naturally alert and ready to intervene in an emergency, putting into practice the necessary countermeasures to defend the body and keep it healthy.

A fundamental characteristic of the immune system is therefore the ability to distinguish between the endogenous or exogenous structures that do not constitute a danger and which therefore can or must be preserved (self) and the endogenous or exogenous structures that instead prove harmful to the organism which must therefore be eliminated (non-self).

If keeping an immune system in perfect health is essential to stay healthy, there are moments, such as the seasonal change, when strengthening it becomes essential.

The moment of transition between summer, autumn and winter, in particular, is quite critical in terms of stress because we leave behind the recently spent holidays in exchange for an abrupt and quick return to routine: work and school. This can cause excessive nervousness, irritation and frustration which together generate stress and a bad mood.

Not only, the temperatures begin to drop, there are sudden changes in the weather, especially there is a significant temperature range between the morning, the evening and the rest of the day. This is the ideal climate for viruses, bacteria and microorganisms that multiply and become more aggressive than usual, so in this period it is easier to contract cold, sore throat, cough, parainfluenza syndromes and not least the flu increases.

To defend ourselves against these threats to our health, we can act on multiple levels. First, maintaining a healthy lifestyle that includes a balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals, regular sporting activity and constant and restful sleep. However, we can also help ourselves with specific supplements, because prevention is better than cure, and good supports taken at the right time help our body to better deal with this moment.

One of these, for example, is Italfarmacia’s Immunostimulator ®, a specific food supplement to strengthen the immune system based on active mushrooms such as immunomodulators, aloe, echinacea and vitamin C. Taken regularly – 4 capsules daily – stimulates the immune system, has an antiviral, antibacterial, antitumor action, lowers cholesterol, triglycerides and blood sugar and acts as an anti-inflammatory against free radicals.

And again from Italfarmacia, another valid food supplement useful for keeping our body at the top in all its important functions, is Biocult Strong, which contains 120 billion probiotics in each dose, and is effective in promoting intestinal balance, improving psycho-aptitude skills and body composition. This new product contains eight bacterial strains (probiotics) to provide valuable help in dealing with anything that may harm the body.

Considering that two thirds of the cells of the immune system are localized in the intestine, it is easy to understand how the intestinal microbiota plays a decisive role in developing strong and balanced defenses.

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