Botulinoneedling™: what it is, when it is indicated and how it is performed

Botulinoneedling™: what it is, when it is indicated and how it is performed

The demand for micro-invasive treatments, with minimal recovery time, is increasingly and we all know that protocols with hypodermic needles to administer active ingredients are the elective and most widespread technique.

But the so-called “punctures”, whether they are of only botulinum toxin of other substances such as bio-vitalizers, can sometimes induce bruising, pain and bleeding, as well as discourage needle phobics.

In particular, the technique of using botulinum toxin in dermal microdoses has a history that dates back many years. The old mesobotox and the more recent microbotox consist of injecting, with a hypodermic needle, numerous microdoses of botulinum toxin into the dermis or at the interface between the dermis and the superficial layer of the mimic muscles.

These techniques aim to reduce sebaceous gland secretion for skin brightness, relax the superficial insertion of the mimic muscles, act on sweat secretion to reduce hyperhidrosis and modulate collagen production, improving skin texture and consistency.

The idea of combining the dermal effect of botulinum toxin to the biorigenerative action of microneedling, enhanced by the simultaneous administration of hyaluronic acid, amino acids and antioxidants, came to Professor Giuseppe Ferrarelli Dentist and Aesthetic Physician in Rome who, in partnership with Italfarmacia, has decided to combine the biostimulant properties of a product containing fragments of HA, amino acids and antioxidants to the effects on the dermis of botulinum toxin and the action of induction to the formation of collagen and elastin determined by the skin microdamage caused by needling.

In order to avoid, therefore, the inconvenience arising from microinitiations, has been developed the protocol Botulinoneedling™ through which the active ingredients, such as botulinum, can be conveyed with a roller on the surface of which there are micro-needles that can have different lengths. This technique, known as microneedling, also induces an important regenerative effect in which growth factors released locally participate, leading to the formation of new collagen.

The products used in the protocol are Skin B® or Skin Ox®, both of Italfarmacia, known for years for their use in skin biostimulation.

Botulinoneedling™ – designed to be performed twice a year – involves the transdermal vehiculation of botulinum toxin for aesthetic use diluted with Skin B® or Skin Ox® through skin microperforation with manual microneedling (dermal roller) or mechanical microneedling (mould pen).

Skin microperforation promotes the absorption of active ingredients and biocomponents, applied to the skin, regardless of their molecular weight or hydrolipophilic properties. Specifically, the technique of Botulinoneedling™ sees the association of botulinum toxin type A combined with biostimulant solutions containing hyaluronic acid in fragments, amino acids and / or antioxidants, and modulators of the dermo-epidermal cholinergic system. The purpose of this winning mix is to intervene at various levels and effectively on the skin aging problems.