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Boosting the immune system is by now more important than ever

Boosting the immune system is by now more important than ever

Strengthening the immune system by better understanding the role it plays in our body.

The immune system has the task of protecting us from the attack of old and new viruses.
We can consider it just like an army, which every day fights to our service against extraneous agents such as viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungi, cells infected with pathogens and cancer cells.
The immune system can be weakened during some periods, such as in winter, when we are more exposed to seasonal sickness, including: sore throat, cold, cough, flu and unfortunately also more serious diseases.
Against these ailments and also for our health in general, it is important to get an efficient immune system.
Let’s see some of Italfarmacia’s natural based supplements to the purpose of strengthening the immune system and promoting its proper functioning.

Strengthening the immune system with IMMUNO STIMULATOR.

The most recent scientific studies show that some phytoextracts such as echinacea (immunostimulant, antiviral, antibacterial), aloe vera (with regenerating and anti-inflammatory properties) and some varieties of oriental mushrooms are natural ingredients that help strengthen our immune system. As to oriental mushrooms in detail, the most famous is Lentinus Edodes, worldwide known as Shiitake, called “the elixir of long life” due to its properties: it stimulates the immune system, it has antibacterial and antiviral properties (also anti HIV and anti-HSV-1 which is herpes simplex 1 virus), it lowers cholesterolemia and reduces platelet aggregation.

Based on sector studies and also thanks to our experience, we have developed Immuno Stimulator, the supplement combining the freeze-dried extracts of six mushrooms of extraordinary qualities with two plants, echinacea and aloe vera.
The freeze-drying process of the extracts greatly enhances the effectiveness of the ingredients composing this supplement by supporting the body’s natural defenses and the functionality of the upper respiratory tract.

Immuno Stimulator is helpful since it offers an additional support to the immune system both for subjects belonging to risk categories who have already been vaccinated and also for those not vaccinated
Let’s see in detail the characteristics of Immuno Stimulator:
– Food supplement in capsules with freeze-dried extracts
– it stimulates the immune system
– it performs antiviral, antibacterial and anticancer activities
– it lowers cholesterolemia, triglycerides and glycaemia
– it is an adjuvant in the treatment of diabetes and impaired liver and kidney functions
-it has anti-inflammatory and anti-free radical activity.

Strengthening the Immune System with BIOCULT STRONG

We must consider that two thirds of the cells of immune system are located in the intestine and consequently the microbiota plays an essential role in the development of a strong and balanced immune system. But that’s not all: recent studies have also shown its influence in maintaining body weight below the cut-off point for obesity.

These studies also indicate that the alteration of intestinal microbiota can lead to: chronic and immunological pathologies; colon cancer; gastric ulcer; cardiovascular pathologies; intestinal pathologies; obesity; inflammation; insulin resistance.

After collecting that information and conducting research by our laboratories,Biocult Strong was born.

Let’s show all the features in detail:
– food supplement based on probiotics
– innovative supplement that contains 120 billion probiotics in each bag
– it is made up of 8 bacterial strains (probiotics), chosen among those we know to be most frequent in the microbiota of healthy people, so that we can face every threat to health
-it promotes intestinal balance, improves psycho-aptitude and body composition.

It is up to the professionals who deal with the care and well-being of the person to share a prevention message.

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