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Italfarmacia: always the first, for your well being!

Italfarmacia s.r.l. is an Italian company, leader in creation, implementation and marketing of medical devices, supplements and cosmetics. The company has been operating in Italy since 1995 and is certified to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016. It has always given priority to innovation, together with a strict protection of the quality of life; that life that is getting longer and longer, so it is important to make it the most active, enjoyable and worth living possible in all its phases.


The leading product is AMIN 21 K, a dietary supplement containing whey proteins enriched with various amino acids . It has proved its worth in Italy and abroad for its “amino acid treatment of localized adiposities”.

After the success with AMIN 21 K, Italfarmacia s.r.l. produced, at the end of the year 2003, a range of other functional supplements based on the principle of endomodulation according to the law of Michaelis-Menten.

Since 2005 the company has then promoted itself successfully in the field of aesthetic medicine with its product-line SKIN based on the principles of bio-stimulation and bio-restoration. It has become a market leader also in this area.

In 2007 a “food for special medical purposes” was designed: Oloprotein H for the use with administration through nasogastric tube in slimming treatments.

In 2012 a new version of Amin 21 K came out : Macresces that contains, in addition, Arginine and Vitamin B5.

Beauty & Naturality

Beauty can overpass the limits of age, but it is important that this is reached by using natural products and treatments which combine effectiveness, durability and lack of side effects over time. This way any harmful and artificial results will be avoided. All this, together with the simplicity of performance and administration ,the scientific method and the warranty mark of made in Italy, puts our products at the vanguard of the beauty treatments.


A natural and effective solution to challenge skin aging. No side effects. It is based on the principle of biostimulation, that is on the support for building up new tissue in a natural way in order to visibly slow down the aging process, blocking the free radicals and maintaining the skin young , unlike many other systems that may cause damage in the long term. They prevent and treat skin damage due to aging.

You can reach true beauty by maintaining alive the natural processes in our organism!
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